• 3B is a company which in 2004 started a grocery and self-service chain of stores under an innovative concept in Mexico --"Hard Discount"--, originally devised in Europe and applied in forerunner companies such as Aldi in Europe and Bim in Turkey.
  • We offer our customers high-quality products at the market's lowest prices, with exceptional service closer to each household. We arrive in each neighbourhood, making it easier for our customers to do their grocery shopping without having to travel long distances to find the best prices.
  • We are discount stores which operate all year, providing kind, attentive and personal service to our customers. Our assortment offers a wide range of items, focused on meeting all kinds of grocery needs with high-quality and high-demand products.
  • Having both domestic and foreign partners allows us to work with a global vision and a focus on quality supporting our operations.

3B Stores: Bueno (Good), Bonito (Pretty), Barato (Economic)

  • The "Hard Discount" concept was originally created in Europe. It has been successfully applied in forerunner companies such as Aldi in Europe and Bim in Turkey.
  • In 2004, it was brought to Mexico, following the same model and concept: to provide customers  high-quality products at the best prices.
  • 3B is still young in Mexico, but already successsful as its predecessors. After opening our first store in February 2005, we have expirienced an exceptional growth; by now we have over 350 stores in the country's central region, and we are planning to open several more to be able to come closer to our customers.
  • 3B's goal is to reduce operation costs as much as possible in order to translate them into discounts for our customers. We are pioneers in a new business model and concept based on a different organizational structure, cost efficiency, and an assortment of high-turnover products and exclusive high-quality brands.
  • Our stores' simplicity, as well as our product inventory and logistic processes are designed to prevent any unnecessary expenses that could increase our customer prices, thus allowing us to offer the best market prices throughout the year.
  • We pursue to establish healthy and strong relationships, not only with our customers, but also with our suppliers. Our endeavors are focused on constantly developing suppliers who meet our products' high-quality standards at the best prices.
  • For 3B, our customers come first. Therefore, we strive to render a higher value for their money.


  • 3B Stores, The Best Prices Closer to You.

Our aim is to be the self-service stores chain with the best market prices. To achieve this, we strive to:

  • Offer basic consumer products to our customers to meet their needs regarding quality and price
  • Generate value for our customers with high-quality products and unrivaled prices
  • Increase our market share by gaining our customers' preference for our personalized service
  • Offer a swift and friendly service all year round
  • Keep all of our processes simple
  • Act based on our principles, which are our corporate culture's core and more important than short-term profits
  • Maintain a steady growth pace through a sustainable expansion project
  • Promote and contribute to the neighborhood's economic development
  • Contribute to the growth of the businesses around us, since rather than competing, we complement each other
  • Negotiate with our suppliers to get the best conditions, always attentive to their position and making sure that their business is sucessful
  • Commit with the personal and professional development of our people
  • Nowadays expansion is fundamental for any business. Market competitiveness drives us to look for the best premises with specific characteristics that allow us to achieve projected sales objectives.
  • Our growth has been exceptional. We have stores in the Federal District, The State of Mexico, Morelos, Puebla and Hidalgo, and we will continue to come closer to our customers.
  • We invite you to be part of our project, whether by proposing or renting us premises, or by suggesting where would you want 3B to open.
  • Our ultimate goal is that our customers feel certain that our products will always feature outstanding quality, backed up by our return policy.


  • If any customer is not satisfied with or has disliked a product, it can be easily returned,


  • The quality of the products sold in our stores matters as much as their price. We constantly oversee quality control of each product through certified private laboratories and strict internal standards before putting them on our store shelves.


  • Our goal and commitment to our customers is to offer reliable high-quality products, looking at all times to support their household economy.

In 3B stores, we are committed to provide our customers with the certainty that our products will always meet the best quality. To us, our products' quality matters as much as their price.

Products bought in any supermarket have hidden costs in the packing, the store's presentation, staff, advertising, etc., which are directly transferred to consumers through a higher price. In order to prevent such additional costs for our customers, in 3B our stores and products have simple designs, which is reflected in lower prices throughout the year.

We want consumers to be able to buy food and essential items close to their homes, always fresh, always with the highest quality, and always at the lowest price.

We are constantly deveolping suppliers with high-quality standards, and our products are subject to quality assurance by renowned labs.

We are backed up by our return policy. If any of our customers is not fully satisfied with any of our products, it may be easily returned in any store.


Our goal is to reduce our costs as much as possible in order to be able to convert them into discounts for our customers. We have organizational differences, our stores are not very large, and our assortment provides all that you need for your pantry.

Our storessimplicityin processes and inventoriesis designed to prevent any unnecessary expenses which could increase our prices, so that we can be able to offer the best market prices throughout the year.